If you are a member of the association, you can receive daily e-mails from our President, Bonnie Drayer.  
These emails include important information about upcoming events and classes, product recalls, childcare
leads from parents, and even craft ideas.    If you would like to be added to the email list, please send
your e-mail address to Mdrayer921@aol.com.  Below you will find what some of the providers think about
the e-mails they receive each week.
I have been a childcare provider and a member of the association for 10 years now.  What a wonderful ten
years it has been.  I have made so many new friends in our association.   Being a provider can be challenging,
the wonderful group of ladies that are always there for each other.   Mary Follin

I think the Day Care Association is Great!  I joined the association nine years ago and ever since day one,
it has been beneficial to me.  I love getting Bonnie's daily e-mails.  I am able to keep up with all the
regulations, recalls, events going on, classes being offered (plus they are FREE), and leads on care that is
needed in my area.  Bonnie is always there to answer questions or just to give you her opinion about things.  
The newsletters are very informative also.  Thank you to all of you that put your time in getting the
I have only been a licensed child care provider for a short time but I am enjoying the many perks that go
along with the wonderful job. Not only am I able to stay at home with my own children, I can also provide a
safe and quality environment for other families who are in need of quality care. After starting my own
family, I left my 9 to 5 job in a private child care setting and became a stay at home mom. As time went
by ever so quickly and 1 child turned into 3, my family seemed to grow over night. With the financial strain
of a family of 5 and one income, I decided to put my experience in the childcare field back to work. I took
all the classes that were needed to receive my license and became a licensed provider and a financial
contributor of the family. To stay up with the times, toys and regulations, I joined the Calvert County
Family Daycare Association. What a smart move on my part! Not only do I receive great training with the
CCFDCA, I have met a great group of individuals who enjoy sharing information and resources with others.
One of the many highlights of my day is when I review my e mail and see what great ideas, art projects,
and funny little tidbits that Bonnie has put out for all of us to read. In closing, I have no regrets in making
this decision and find great joy in a job that I love! (How many others can say they love their job?)
Margaret DuVall